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General Questions

How do I know what formats each official resource is available in and what I get with the purchase of each format?

Download the United Methodist Official Resources Format Chart for a list of the official resources, the formats they are available in, and what you receive with the purchase of the individual resource in a particular format.

Can I see instructions for the Book of Resolutions before purchasing?

Click here and download the User Guide for the Book of Resolutions.

Is there an overview of the Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation?

Subscription Questions

Can I use my Account User Name and Password?

The only way to access your purchased subscription(s) is logging onto the site with your Account User Name and Password.

What if I don’t have a Account User Name and Password?

The Official Resource subscriptions, like all UM official resources, are only available for purchase through Cokesbury. Part of the process for purchasing the subscriptions for anyone without a Account is to set one up.

Is there a way to “jump” directly to a paragraph number when logged onto my subscription to the Book of Discipline?

Yes, you have the ability to search by paragraph and section, as well has by key word/phrase. You are also able to link directly to a paragraph from the Index and Table of Contents.

Can I switch between my subscriptions on the site?

Yes, you can access any of the Official Resources you have subscribed to once you are logged onto the site.

What other things can I “do” to my subscription resource?

When accessing your subscription(s) after purchasing, you will download the Blue Fire Reader. This reader allows you to access your subscription files on the website. You will be able to make notes, bookmark, highlight sections, copy and paste sections of text, and adjust the size of text. Also, check out the “How to Navigate Your Subscriptions” video linked above.

Do I have to be online on the internet to access my subscriptions?

Yes, you must be online on the internet and logged onto your account to access your subscriptions.

Can I print from my subscription files on the site?

No, you will not be able to print or save the files from your subscription.

How will I know it is time to renew?

You will receive a notice approximately 2 weeks prior to your expiration date. You can renew your subscription(s) at any point prior to the expiration date.

What happens when I don’t renew my subscription(s) before the end date of my subscription?

You will no longer have access to the subscription(s) until you renew your subscription(s). To ensure uninterrupted access to subscription(s), be sure to renew before the expiration date.

Why does my Full Site Subscription not have all the files available now?

Your purchase of the Full Site Subscription gives you access as each new resource is published. Items included in the Full Site Subscription are listed below with their date of availability:

  • The Book of Discipline, 2016 (January 1, 2017)
  • The Book of Resolutions, 2016 (January 1, 2017)
  • Guidelines for Leading Your Congregation (November 1, 2016)
  • The Book of Worship (Available)
  • The United Methodist Hymnal (November 15, 2016)

Book of Discipline Errata/Updates

Will there be Errata Sheets/Updates available for the Book of Discipline?

Yes, Errata Sheets with information about updates and changes to the Book of Discipline will be available on this website. Locate the “Book of Disciplines Updates | Corrections” Button on the homepage and click on it. When updates are available they will be listed with the newest update located at the top. You may then click and download the Errata Sheet PDF.

How often will updates be done?

Quarterly as needed.

How will I know if there are updates?

All purchasers of all formats of the Book Discipline that we have an e-mail address for will receive an email with a link to the newest Errata Sheet when it is available.

How do I know you have my e-mail address?

We will work with Cokesbury to e-mail those whose e-mails are in the Cokesbury system and who have purchased the Book of Discipline. Those e-mail addresses will be merged with the e-mail addresses we have collected on this site. You may sign up to receive notification when the Book of Discipline Subscription is available for purchase and access. When you register for this notification, you are automatically signed up to receive the Errata Sheet e-mails in the future.

What if I give you my e-mail address on the site and Cokesbury has it?

You should only receive one e-mail notification, because part of the process of combining e-mail address lists from one or more sources is to delete duplicates. If you should receive a duplicate e-mail, please e-mail us at Include your name, e-mail address and the following statement:

“I received two e-mails for the Book of Discipline Errata Sheet. Please remove the duplicate of the e-mail listed above.”

How do people who were given a copy instead of purchasing one be notified when a new Errata Sheet is available?

We encourage any receiving a copy of the Book of Discipline in any format to sign up to receive the notices by visiting the Updates Page.

You may e-mail the following statement to anyone you know who has a copy of the Book of Discipline and would like to receive the Errata Sheet emails:

“To receive e-mail notification of updates to the Book of Discipline, click on the link below and sign up to receive the link directly to the latest update when it becomes available.


Will any of the formats for the Book of Discipline be updated to show these changes during the quadrennium?

The subscription file will be updated each quarter of the quadrennium as needed with the first update happening after the 2017 Annual Conference Season. Subscribers will automatically access the updated version with their subscription.